Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Urbis and Routes Online

In keeping with the run of sites I've been posting here as they've gone live I thought I'd add a couple more - Urbis (made live earlier this year) and Routes Online (beta made live last month).

We have worked with Urbis, Manchester for some time now and were recently asked to re-design the site to tie in with the new print and branding materials. Located at the heart of Manchester, Urbis is an exhibition centre focusing on city life. Urbis' exhibition programme explores the culture and dynamism of cities around the world, covering photography, design, architecture, music, contemporary art and much more. Work involved the design of the entire site and the creation of the content management system by the developers at idaho. (Work did not involve any flash that appears on the site).

Routes Online
Routes Online is described as

"...a web based portal for route development professionals. It will be the primary source of daily airport / airline interactivity in the future.

Using innovative 2.0 web technologies it is an integrated data platform for today’s air service development professional working within an airline, an airport or a service organisation.

At its core will be a facility for airlines and airports, through secure, user editable profiles (including video and web casting) to actively campaign their air service development programme 24/7."
The original homepage design concept was supplied by the client which was then adapted and subsequent pages created. The CMS was developed by developers at idaho who did a great job. There is also a banner management system for allowing advertisements to appear on the site.

Phase 2 is currently underway which will be fantastic when completed.


Chris said...

Out of interest how would you describe Routes Online?

nypo said...

Re: Chris
Well, it is a concept I was unfamiliar with until this project. Apparently airports sell routes (or slots to airports and countries) to airlines. There is a lot of analytical stuff that goes on behind the scenes to decide if an airline wants to run a new route from A to B and if it will be a good business step. There is an annual conference where several airports and airlines go to gather information about possible business and this site is bringing some of these elements online - more so with the next phase. Hope that helps.