Monday, 5 November 2007 has arrived

For those of you that haven't discovered Firebug yet, well, shame on you basically. Anyone that is still adding background-color: red; seriously needs to get with the times because tools like this make your life so much easier - as a designer or a programmer.

Firebug basically worked on the idea of being able to edit the code of a page whilst looking at it. What litmus have done is try to take this a step further by allowing you to edit the code of a page and actually save it to the original file meaning you can make changes live, see how it looks and save it. Amazing stuff. I'm still trialing it at the minute so I'll let you know my opinions but, so far, so good. Although, it would take a lot for me to stop using Firebug - I feel I have a loyalty to it as it has, literally, improved my life.

The other intersting product form Litmus - the one you actually have to pay for - is the testing program. This allows you to test what email bulletins and websites would like like cross browser and cross email program. There are loads of other features as well and we'll be doing the 30 day trial at work so I'll keep you posted.

For those of you who want this kind of stuff in your own product / site there is also an API buy in section with more info.

Cheers, keep well.

Firebug add on