Thursday, 29 March 2007

Amaznode - ActionScript 3.0 for Amazon

This is amazing. Not only does the initial homepage go back to the roots of great search engines (ie a just text box and simple options) but the scripting and linking between results is great. It was described by adobe as:

“A relation-based search engine for that is made with Flash and ActionScript 3.0. Visualize a relation network of products from the data of "customers who bought this item also bought" by digging related products again and again. Amaznode is not only for searching but also good for researching and making an associate link.”

Is it the future of online shopping? Maybe not or, if it is, then a suitable method of finding one specific item without loads of options appearing should be sought. What it is, however, is a really nice visual method of viewing relationships between products. It’s like Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus for the online retail world.

Visit the site here: or check out Takayuki Fukatsu (designer and developer of Amaznode) and discover some of his great flash experiments.

Let me know if anyone has any other examples of really nice ActionScript3.0 stuff.


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A special treat for you Sage users

[update: v2.0 is available now]
After discovering you can add your own stylesheets to the Firefox RSS reader Sage I set about trying to make it a bit nicer than the blue boxes that currently come as standard.

Click here to open the nypo stylesheet. To install simply do File > Save Page As and save it to your desktop. Open Sage options > settings > and select 'Use Custom Stylesheet'.

Although you do not have the advantage of viewing lots of posts in one window that you currently get with the standard stylesheet you can view the entire list in the left hand column as text links.


Friday, 23 March 2007

Design links and RSS feeds

[update - 13/04/07]
Some new sites (and sites I forgot to add) have now been added below. I have now included a file to be imported into your Favourites / Bookmarks if you want the entire list. Click here to download it. You will then need to save it to your desktop and import it into your browser. Don't forget you can import the entire RSS feed list into you reader below. The OPML file has now been updated so you may want to download them again to include the new sites and feeds.

After seeing several sites offering collections of design links and feeds I thought it might be useful to bring them all together into one mammoth list of ones I currently subscribe to or visit. Hope this proves to be useful.

You can import the entire list of RSS links into your reader using the OPML format. Click here for the entire mammoth list and select File > Save As to dump it on your desktop. There will be an option in your reader to import RSS feeds.

Feel free to add comments with sites you think are useful or just good and I'll add them to the list. This is more of an ongoing thing which I hope will grow into a useful resource for designers / developers.

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