Friday, 1 February 2008

Manchester Independant Economic Review goes live

Just thought I'd post another site that has gone live recently which I did the lovely design for. It was a fairly basic content managed site that allowed the addition of multiple pages, content, downloads, webcasts etc etc.


Quarantine is now live

Quarantine is an experimental theatre group based in Manchester. They work on the cutting edge of new theatre and production and required an update to their previous site. This involved creating a clean, crisp, stylish site that was unique and utilized white space to maximum effect.

The content management system was pretty intricate for this site as it allowed the client to select any combination of text boxes (size, position and colour), images (placement, size) and allows the client to overlap these elements as they wish.


North West Business Club goes live

The shiny new business club website is up and running now. After a complete redesign and update to the existing content management system we built ensured a happy client and a fresh new look.