Friday, 2 March 2007

Simple Rounded Corners and so much more

I have just discovered a great flash replacement tool that I think, on the right situation, could prove quite valuable. Created by John Aldinger, Mark Huot and Dan Mall, the simple inclusion of some javascript will take your images (or specific images) and insert them into a .swf file letting you round the edges by simply altering the border value in the javascript:
round.specify ('border-radius', '10');

The higher the number the more rounded the corners.

That is not all though, this sfwIR allows you to add drop shadows, rotate images, add borders and enlarge images inline with text (although ie7 does this now anyway this seems to result in a higher quality larger image).

Maybe, until CSS3 is implemented cross browser, this might prove to be a useful method of adding effects to elements on a page.

Visit the swfIR page at


antiSpam Dave said...

Great link - cheers. This is a lot simpler than messing about modifying each image in Photoshop or overlaying transparent .gifs over each corner.