Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tameside AWP is live!

Our first prospectus site is now live. It is, in my opinion, the nicest looking, has the best functionality and is the easiest to use on the market for this type of product. Each area across the UK is required by the government to provide a searchable online database of learning provision available in an area. This site is, essentially, a user friendly, fully searchable directory of education and training available in Tameside. Additional extras like ability to expand the search and look for courses within so many miles of your postcode, at certain providers, levels, age ranges etc, Boolean searching so you can look for a provider that supplies “art AND English AND Spanish”, embedding of relevant videos from our vast Careerstube video library for individual courses, searches and providers and integration with Ofsted to show school/college reports and a number of other fancy visual bits and bobs make this a great package all round that is at the forefront in this sector and one I really enjoyed working on. The design is simple and not cluttered yet visually interesting enough to appeal to the fairly broad 14-19 age range.

We have a load of other areas going live shortly with all sorts of fancy functionality and also some ILP (Individual Learning Plan) sites that allow users to record their educational experiences, arrange content on their dashboard, create CVs and the ability to create CV’s and information tailored toward a specific college/employer and send a token based invite to them to view their ILP as well as integration with our prospectus sites meaning when a user adds that a careers aspiration is to become an English teacher they are supplied with a series of links that are relevant to this career from the prospectus site and also a series of links to the pathways tool that shows them what they need to do to become and English Teacher and also what they can do after that.

Have a click around, see what you think. All comments are welcome and I am glad we have created such a solid product that can help 14-19 year olds plan their future.

Tameside AWP (Area Wide Prospectus)

Tameside ILP (Individual Learning Plan)


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