Thursday, 31 July 2008

BT Challenge Cup Site goes live

BT run a competition called The BT Challenge Cup every year that rewards it staff for creating ideas that will improve the service in some way. It required a pop up site that would fit in seamlessly with the BT Intranet and provide the ability to register teams for the competition and update information about your team members, travelling details etc etc as the final was in Portugal.

As this was to be based on the BT Intranet there was relatively little design work involved as many of the styles had to come form their existing style sheet. However, it was still nice to work on a job for such a large client and to try and insert a bit of creative flair and general tidying up of certain styles.


Chris said...

Any screenshots or a link?

nypo said...

Hi Chris, Unfortunately there is no link as this is something which sits on the BT Intranet and you can;t access it from outside the offices. I will try and add in a few more screen shots but, at present, this is the only one I can add I'm afraid. Keep you posted. Cheers